I'm Kaitlyn.


I am a mechanical engineer and designer from Northern California. I am currently completing a graduate degree with the Mechanical Engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I hope to work at the intersection of mechanical design, product design, design methodology, and computational engineering to improve manufacturing systems and augment the human-based design process with computational tools.       


I have a diverse background: research in educational haptics and soil science, as well as two summer internships in industry (Boeing and Nothrop Grumman). I have multiple side projects in global engineering and continually design and fabricate for fun as well. 


Numerical computing 

Computer-aided design, machining and engineering (CAD, CAM, CAE)

Scientific communication skills 

Interpersonal communication skills 


Coding languages: MATLAB, C++, Python, Julia

Software: Solidworks, HSMWorks, ImageJ/FIJI, nTopology, Autodesk Fusion 360

Fabrication: turning, milling (CNC, manual), soldering, laser cutting, 3D-printing (FDM, SLA), electronic circuitry design


Email - kaitlyn.gee@gmail.com or kgee@mit.edu

Please contact me for further information about my skills and qualifications, as well as a full resume.